Escabeche Vegetables

For the past four years I've meant to can up some carrot, onion, garlic, and jalapenos - you know the ones like they have at Mexican restaurants for you to snack on while hungover or starving and waiting for your sopes or tacos? Yup, those are the ones. This year I finally did it and promptly forgot to add the garlic to the jars; a rookie mistake I've never made before. This meant, besides bleery-eyedly swearing out loud I had to lift the jars out of the boiling water and open them up while they were exceedingly hot to the touch. Years of canning and working in restaurants has allowed me the pleasure of heat-tolerant fingers but this was pushing it.

Since the recipe calls for oil - I wasn't sure the jars would seal effectively and I didn't have time to warm up a new set of lids for each jar so I just went with it and figured if nothing else, I'd have a bunch of jars for the fridge.

This feeling of rookie-ness coincided with me adapting a recipe for the first time in a drastic way. Since this is the end of the growing season, I had peppers in the fridge to use up but not enough for the recipe I was using from Canning For A New Generation. Since the pH for carrots and peppers is different, I wasn't entirely confident I could sub out extra carrots and retain a safe pH to prevent botulism. 

Enter how grateful I am to have several amazing and experience canners and picklers from my time in Chicago. One Facebook message and one Instagram chat helped set me straight and I adapted a carrots only brine (which added sugar and half a cup extra of vinegar) to use instead. I added additional salt to mirror that from the original recipe and kept the same quantities of oil and spices.

I'm a huge fan of several canning books and in the spirit of this blog supporting small farmers and food producers, I can't copy and share recipes in good faith though it's highly likely some food blogger somewhere has made and shared the recipe. Please buy this book. Buy it from a local bookstore or check it out from your local library.